Subnautica Note Maker Documentation

This is a tool for creating notes for your subnautica speedrun. It uses the markdown language that converts text into html with an extension I've written to add graphics from the game. You can then download that document as a pdf and print it out or keep it as an onscreen reference.

Warning: We don't currently save your source document so you are responsible for copying and pasting it into a text file if you want to keep it. It will not be on the site next time you return.

Markdown is documented here:

The subnautica image extension uses curly braces. Images can be identified by one of three fields listed in the table at the bottom of this page: Object number, Description, and Code. Object number and code can be used in the Subnautica console to spawn objects, so you might already know them. You can use them interchangeably. The following all produces an image of metal salvage:

You can also append a suffix after the image identifier to produce multiple of the same image. So {scrapmetal:3} will show 3 images of scrap metal.

In addition you can now specify inventory grids that you can fill with items. You can start a grid in a couple different ways:

After the prefix you give a comma delimited list of items (with optional quantities), e.g. {grid:seaglide,doubletank,quartz:2,titanium:12,cave sulfur,battery,knife,scanner,builder,firstaidkit,table coral,scrapmetal:3}

Planned Features (please request new features if you think so something)

Image Identifiers

Image # Name Code
Quartz 1 Quartz quartz
Metal Salvage 2 Metal Salvage scrapmetal
Fiber Mesh 3 Fiber Mesh fibermesh
Limestone Outcrop 4 Limestone Outcrop limestonechunk
Copper Ore 7 Copper Ore copper
Lead 8 Lead lead
Salt Deposit 9 Salt Deposit salt
Glass 15 Glass glass
Titanium 16 Titanium titanium
Silicone Rubber 17 Silicone Rubber silicone
Gold 21 Gold gold
Magnesium 22 Magnesium magnesium
Crystalline Sulfur 23 Crystalline Sulfur sulphur
Bleach 27 Bleach bleach
Silver Ore 28 Silver Ore silver
Titanium Ingot 30 Titanium Ingot titaniumingot
Sandstone Outcrop 31 Sandstone Outcrop sandstonechunk
Copper Wire 32 Copper Wire copperwire
Wiring Kit 33 Wiring Kit wiringkit
Advanced Wiring Kit 34 Advanced Wiring Kit advancedwiringkit
Cave Sulfur 35 Cave Sulfur crashpowder
Diamond 36 Diamond diamond
Basalt Outcrop 37 Basalt Outcrop basaltchunk
Shale Outcrop 38 Shale Outcrop shalechunk
Obsidian Outcrop 39 Obsidian Outcrop obsidianchunk
Lithium 40 Lithium lithium
Plasteel Ingot 41 Plasteel Ingot plasteelingot
Enameled Glass 42 Enameled Glass enameledglass
Power Cell 43 Power Cell powercell
Computer Chip 44 Computer Chip computerchip
Uranium 51 Uranium uranium
Ruby 52 Ruby aluminumoxide
Hydrochloric Acid 53 Hydrochloric Acid hydrochloricacid
Magnetite 54 Magnetite magnetite
Polyaniline 56 Polyaniline polyaniline
Synthetic Fibers 57 Synthetic Fibers aramidfibers
Aerogel 59 Aerogel aerogel
Benzene 61 Benzene benzene
Lubricant 62 Lubricant lubricant
Uraninite Crystal 63 Uraninite Crystal uraninitecrystal
Reactor Rod 64 Reactor Rod reactorrod
Depleted Reactor Rod 65 Depleted Reactor Rod depletedreactorrod
Ion Cube 66 Ion Cube precursorioncrystal
Kyanite 68 Kyanite kyanite
Nickel Ore 69 Nickel Ore nickel
Fins 502 Fins fins
Standard O₂ Tank 503 Standard O₂ Tank tank
Battery 504 Battery battery
Survival Knife 505 Survival Knife knife
Flashlight 507 Flashlight flashlight
Beacon 508 Beacon beacon
Habitat Builder 509 Habitat Builder builder
Compass 512 Compass compass
Air Bladder 513 Air Bladder airbladder
Pipe 515 Pipe pipe
Pathfinder Tool 517 Pathfinder Tool divereel
Rebreather 518 Rebreather rebreather
Radiation Suit 519 Radiation Suit radiationsuit
Radiation Helmet 520 Radiation Helmet radiationhelmet
Radiation Gloves 521 Radiation Gloves radiationgloves
Reinforced Dive Suit 522 Reinforced Dive Suit reinforceddivesuit
Scanner 523 Scanner scanner
Fire Extinguisher 524 Fire Extinguisher fireextinguisher
Scanner Room HUD Chip 525 Scanner Room HUD Chip maproomhudchip
Floating Air Pump 526 Floating Air Pump pipesurfacefloater
Creature Decoy 527 Creature Decoy cyclopsdecoy
High Capacity O₂ Tank 528 High Capacity O₂ Tank doubletank
Reinforced Gloves 529 Reinforced Gloves reinforcedgloves
Repair Tool 750 Repair Tool welder
Seaglide 751 Seaglide seaglide
Mobile Vehicle Bay 752 Mobile Vehicle Bay constructor
Flare 754 Flare flare
Stasis Rifle 755 Stasis Rifle stasisrifle
Propulsion Cannon 757 Propulsion Cannon propulsioncannon
Grav Trap 758 Grav Trap gravsphere
Waterproof Locker 759 Waterproof Locker smallstorage
Laser Cutter 761 Laser Cutter lasercutter
Light Stick 762 Light Stick ledlight
Thermoblade 801 Thermoblade heatblade
Lightweight High Capacity Tank 803 Lightweight High Capacity Tank plasteeltank
Ultra High Capacity Tank 804 Ultra High Capacity Tank highcapacitytank
Ultra Glide Fins 805 Ultra Glide Fins ultraglidefins
Swim Charge Fins 806 Swim Charge Fins swimchargefins
Repulsion Cannon 807 Repulsion Cannon repulsioncannon
Stillsuit 808 Stillsuit stillsuit
Cyclops Blueprint 1002 Cyclops Blueprint cyclopsblueprint
Stalker Egg 1258 Stalker Egg stalkeregg
Spadefish Egg 1260 Spadefish Egg spadefishegg
Rabbit Ray Egg 1261 Rabbit Ray Egg rabbitrayegg
Mesmer Egg 1262 Mesmer Egg mesmeregg
Shuttlebug Egg 1263 Shuttlebug Egg jumperegg
Sand Shark Egg 1264 Sand Shark Egg sandsharkegg
Jellyray Egg 1265 Jellyray Egg jellyrayegg
Boneshark Egg 1266 Boneshark Egg bonesharkegg
Crabsnake Egg 1267 Crabsnake Egg crabsnakeegg
Ampeel Egg 1268 Ampeel Egg shockeregg
Gasopod Egg 1269 Gasopod Egg gasopodegg
Crashfish Egg 1281 Crashfish Egg crashegg
Crabsquid Egg 1283 Crabsquid Egg crabsquidegg
Cuddlefish Egg 1285 Cuddlefish Egg cutefishegg
Lava Lizard Egg 1287 Lava Lizard Egg lavalizardegg
Cyclops Pressure Compensator 1501 Cyclops Pressure Compensator
Hatch 1506 Hatch basehatch
Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module 1516 Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module powerupgrademodule
Cyclops Depth Module MK1 1537 Cyclops Depth Module MK1 cyclopshullmodule1
Cyclops Depth Module MK2 1538 Cyclops Depth Module MK2 cyclopshullmodule2
Hatching Enzymes 1547 Hatching Enzymes
Cyclops Shield Generator 1551 Cyclops Shield Generator cyclopsshieldmodule
Cyclops Sonar Upgrade 1552 Cyclops Sonar Upgrade cyclopssonarmodule
Cyclops Docking Bay Repair Module 1553 Cyclops Docking Bay Repair Module cyclopsseamothrepairmodule
Cyclops Decoy Tube Upgrade 1554 Cyclops Decoy Tube Upgrade cyclopsdecoymodule
Cyclops Fire Suppression System 1555 Cyclops Fire Suppression System cyclopsfiresuppressionmodule
Cyclops Thermal Reactor Module 1557 Cyclops Thermal Reactor Module cyclopsthermalreactormodule
Cyclops Depth Module MK3 1558 Cyclops Depth Module MK3
Carry-all 1807 Carry-all luggagebag
Arcade Gorge Toy 1808 Arcade Gorge Toy arcadegorgetoy
Electron Microscope (non-functional) 1809 Electron Microscope (non-functional)
Fluid Analyser (non-functional) 1810 Fluid Analyser (non-functional)
Sample Analyser (non-functional) 1811 Sample Analyser (non-functional)
Gray Cap 1814 Gray Cap cap1
Blue Cap 1815 Blue Cap cap2
Large Sample Flask 1816 Large Sample Flask labcontainer
Small Sample Flask 1817 Small Sample Flask labcontainer2
Cylindrical Sample Flask 1818 Cylindrical Sample Flask labcontainer3
Aurora Miniature 1823 Aurora Miniature starshipsouvenir
Aurora Poster 1824 Aurora Poster posteraurora
Prawn Suit Poster - Land 1825 Prawn Suit Poster - Land posterexosuit1
Prawn Suit Poster - Sea 1826 Prawn Suit Poster - Sea posterexosuit2
Keep Calm Poster 1827 Keep Calm Poster posterkitty
Toy Car 1828 Toy Car toycar
Engine Efficiency Module 2101 Engine Efficiency Module vehiclepowerupgrademodule
Seamoth Solar Charger 2102 Seamoth Solar Charger seamothsolarcharge
Storage Module 2103 Storage Module vehiclestoragemodule
Seamoth Perimeter Defense System 2104 Seamoth Perimeter Defense System seamothelectricaldefense
Hull Reinforcement 2105 Hull Reinforcement vehiclearmorplating
Seamoth Sonar 2110 Seamoth Sonar seamothsonarmodule
Vortex Torpedo 2111 Vortex Torpedo
Seamoth Depth Module MK1 2112 Seamoth Depth Module MK1 vehiclehullmodule1
Seamoth Depth Module MK2 2113 Seamoth Depth Module MK2 vehiclehullmodule2
Seamoth Depth Module MK3 2114 Seamoth Depth Module MK3 vehiclehullmodule3
Prawn Suit Jump Jet Upgrade 2115 Prawn Suit Jump Jet Upgrade exosuitjetupgrademodule
Prawn Suit Drill Arm 2116 Prawn Suit Drill Arm exosuitdrillarmmodule
Prawn Suit Thermal Reactor 2117 Prawn Suit Thermal Reactor exosuitthermalreactormodule
Prawn Suit Claw Arm 2118 Prawn Suit Claw Arm
Gas Torpedo 2119 Gas Torpedo
Prawn Suit Propulsion Cannon 2120 Prawn Suit Propulsion Cannon exosuitpropulsionarmmodule
Prawn Suit Grappling Arm 2121 Prawn Suit Grappling Arm exosuitgrapplingarmmodule
Prawn Suit Torpedo Arm 2122 Prawn Suit Torpedo Arm exosuittorpedoarmmodule
Prawn Suit Depth Module MK1 2128 Prawn Suit Depth Module MK1 exohullmodule1
Prawn Suit Depth Module MK2 2129 Prawn Suit Depth Module MK2 exohullmodule2
Holefish 2501 Holefish holefish
Creepvine Seed Cluster 2503 Creepvine Seed Cluster creepvineseedcluster
Peeper 2504 Peeper peeper
Oculus 2505 Oculus oculus
Garryfish 2507 Garryfish garryfish
Boomerang 2510 Boomerang boomerang
Eyeye 2513 Eyeye eyeye
Bladderfish 2515 Bladderfish bladderfish
Hoverfish 2516 Hoverfish hoverfish
Reginald 2519 Reginald reginald
Spadefish 2520 Spadefish spadefish
Floater 2522 Floater
Creepvine Sample 2529 Creepvine Sample creepvinepiece
Creepvine Sample 2529 Creepvine Sample creepvinepiece
Gas pod 2530 Gas pod
Hoopfish 2531 Hoopfish hoopfish
Spinefish 2546 Spinefish spinefish
Magmarang 2554 Magmarang lavaboomerang
Red Eyeye 2555 Red Eyeye lavaeyeye
Gel Sack 3010 Gel Sack jellyplant
Acid Mushroom 3021 Acid Mushroom acidmushroom
Blood Oil 3034 Blood Oil bloodoil
Blood Oil 3034 Blood Oil bloodoil
Deepshroom 3035 Deepshroom
Pink Cap 3039 Pink Cap pinkmushroom
Speckled Rattler 3040 Speckled Rattler purplerattle
Alien Faeces 3063 Alien Faeces
Table Coral 3064 Table Coral
Ancient Floater 3070 Ancient Floater
Table Coral Sample 3501 Table Coral Sample jeweleddiskpiece
Coral Tube Sample 3502 Coral Tube Sample coralchunk
Bulb Bush Sample 3503 Bulb Bush Sample kooshchunk
Stalker Tooth 3504 Stalker Tooth
Fungal Sample 3505 Fungal Sample treemushroompiece
Bulbo Tree Sample 3506 Bulbo Tree Sample bulbotreepiece
Jaffa Cup Seed 3507 Jaffa Cup Seed orangemushroomspore
Ming Plant Seed 3508 Ming Plant Seed purplevaseplantseed
Acid Mushroom Spore 3509 Acid Mushroom Spore acidmushroomspore
Deep Shroom Spore 3510 Deep Shroom Spore whitemushroomspore
Pink Cap Spore 3511 Pink Cap Spore pinkmushroomspore
Speckled Rattler Spore 3512 Speckled Rattler Spore purplerattlespore
Lantern Fruit 3513 Lantern Fruit hangingfruit
Lantern Fruit 3513 Lantern Fruit hangingfruit
Chinese Potato 3514 Chinese Potato purplevegetable
Chinese Potato 3514 Chinese Potato purplevegetable
Small Marblemelon 3515 Small Marblemelon smallmelon
Marblemelon 3516 Marblemelon melon
Marblemelon Seeds 3517 Marblemelon Seeds melonseed
Brain Coral Sample 3518 Brain Coral Sample purplebraincoralpiece
Tiger Plant Seed 3519 Tiger Plant Seed spikeplantseed
Blue Palm Seed 3520 Blue Palm Seed bluepalmseed
Veined Nettle Seed 3521 Veined Nettle Seed purplefanseed
Pygmy Fan Seed 3522 Pygmy Fan Seed smallfanseed
Writhing Weed Seed 3523 Writhing Weed Seed purpletentacleseed
Gel Sack Spores 3524 Gel Sack Spores jellyplantseed
Gabe's Feather Seed 3525 Gabe's Feather Seed gabesfeatherseed
Sea Crown Seed 3526 Sea Crown Seed seacrownseed
Membrain Tree Seed 3527 Membrain Tree Seed membraintreeseed
Fern Palm Seed 3529 Fern Palm Seed fernpalmseed
Grub Basket Seed 3530 Grub Basket Seed orangepetalsplantseed
Eye Stalk Seed 3531 Eye Stalk Seed eyesplantseed
Ghost Weed Seed 3532 Ghost Weed Seed redgreententacleseed
Violet Beau Seed 3533 Violet Beau Seed purplestalkseed
Rouge Cradle Seed 3534 Rouge Cradle Seed redbasketplantseed
Redwort Seed 3535 Redwort Seed redbushseed
Regress Shell Seed 3536 Regress Shell Seed redconeplantseed
Spiked Horn Grass Seed 3537 Spiked Horn Grass Seed shellgrassseed
Spotted Dockleaf Seed 3538 Spotted Dockleaf Seed spottedleavesplantseed
Furled Papyrus Seed 3539 Furled Papyrus Seed redrollplantseed
Cave Bush Seed 3540 Cave Bush Seed purplebranchesseed
Jellyshroom Spore 3541 Jellyshroom Spore snakemushroomspore
Blue Tablet 4201 Blue Tablet
Orange Tablet 4202 Orange Tablet
Purple Tablet 4204 Purple Tablet
Ion Power Cell 4209 Ion Power Cell precursorionpowercell
Ion Battery 4210 Ion Battery precursorionbattery
Filtered Water 4500 Filtered Water filteredwater
Disinfected Water 4501 Disinfected Water disinfectedwater
Cooked Peeper 4502 Cooked Peeper cookedpeeper
Cooked Holefish 4503 Cooked Holefish cookedholefish
Cooked Garryfish 4504 Cooked Garryfish cookedgarryfish
Cooked Reginald 4505 Cooked Reginald cookedreginald
Cooked Bladderfish 4506 Cooked Bladderfish cookedbladderfish
Cooked Hoverfish 4507 Cooked Hoverfish cookedhoverfish
Cooked Spadefish 4508 Cooked Spadefish cookedspadefish
Cooked Boomerang 4509 Cooked Boomerang cookedboomerang
Cooked Eyeye 4510 Cooked Eyeye cookedeyeye
Cooked Oculus 4511 Cooked Oculus cookedoculus
Cooked Hoopfish 4512 Cooked Hoopfish cookedhoopfish
Nutrient Block 4513 Nutrient Block nutrientblock
First Aid Kit 4514 First Aid Kit firstaidkit
Reclaimed Water 4515 Reclaimed Water stillsuitwater
Large Filtered Water 4516 Large Filtered Water bigfilteredwater
Cooked Spinefish 4517 Cooked Spinefish cookedspinefish
Cooked Red Eyeye 4518 Cooked Red Eyeye cookedlavaeyeye
Cooked Magmarang 4519 Cooked Magmarang cookedlavaboomerang
Mix Chips 4520 Mix Chips snack1
Rice Snack 4521 Rice Snack snack2
Potato Mix 4522 Potato Mix snack3
Coffee Americano 4523 Coffee Americano coffee
Camera Drone 5527 Camera Drone maproomcamera
Natural Selection 2 Poster 6005 Natural Selection 2 Poster poster
Reefback Leviathan Egg Reefback Leviathan Egg reefbackegg
Cured Bladderfish Cured Bladderfish curedbladderfish
Cured Boomerang Cured Boomerang curedboomerang
Cured Eyeye Cured Eyeye curedeyeye
Cured Garryfish Cured Garryfish curedgarryfish
Cured Holefish Cured Holefish curedholefish
Cured Hoopfish Cured Hoopfish curedhoopfish
Cured Hoverfish Cured Hoverfish curedhoverfish
Cured Magmarang Cured Magmarang curedlavaboomerang
Cured Oculus Cured Oculus curedoculus
Cured Peeper Cured Peeper curedpeeper
Cured Red Eyeye Cured Red Eyeye curedlavaeyeye
Cured Reginald Cured Reginald curedreginald
Cured Spadefish Cured Spadefish curedspadefish
Cured Spinefish Cured Spinefish curedspinefish
Electron Microscope Electron Microscope labequipment1
Fluid Analyzer Fluid Analyzer labequipment2
Sample Analyzer Sample Analyzer labequipment3
Alien Feces Alien Feces seatreaderpoop
Deep Shroom Deep Shroom whitemushroom
Gas Pod Gas Pod gaspod
Stalker Teeth Stalker Teeth stalkertooth
Scanner Room Range Upgrade Scanner Room Range Upgrade maproomupgradescanrange
Scanner Room Speed Upgrade Scanner Room Speed Upgrade maproomupgradescanspeed
Voxel Shrub Voxel Shrub pinkflowerseed
Torpedo System Torpedo System seamothtorpedomodule
I Compartment I Compartment basecorridori
L Compartment L Compartment basecorridorl
T Compartment T Compartment basecorridort
X Compartment X Compartment basecorridorx
Foundation Foundation basefoundation
Glass Compartment Glass Compartment basecorridorglassi
L Glass Compartment L Glass Compartment basecorridorglassl
Multipurpose Room Multipurpose Room baseroom
Moonpool Moonpool basemoonpool
Observatory Observatory baseobservatory
Reinforcement Reinforcement basereinforcement
Scanner Room Scanner Room basemaproom
Vertical Connector Vertical Connector baseconnector
Window Window basewindow
Base-attached Air Pump Base-attached Air Pump basepipeconnector
Exterior Growbed Exterior Growbed farmingtray
Floodlight Floodlight techlight
Power Transmitter Power Transmitter powertransmitter
Solar Panel Solar Panel solarpanel
Spotlight Spotlight spotlight
Thermal Plant Thermal Plant thermalplant
Alien Containment Alien Containment basewaterpark
Bioreactor Bioreactor basebioreactor
Bulkhead Bulkhead basebulkhead
Ladder Ladder baseladder
Nuclear Reactor Nuclear Reactor basenuclearreactor
Water Filtration Machine Water Filtration Machine basefiltrationmachine
Aquarium Aquarium aquarium
Basic Plant Pot Basic Plant Pot planterpot
Battery Charger Battery Charger batterycharger
Chic Plant Pot Chic Plant Pot planterpot3
Composite Plant Pot Composite Plant Pot planterpot2
Fabricator Fabricator fabricator
Indoor Growbed Indoor Growbed planterbox
Locker Locker locker
Medical Kit Fabricator Medical Kit Fabricator medicalcabinet
Modification Station Modification Station workbench
Plant Shelf Plant Shelf plantershelf
Power Cell Charger Power Cell Charger powercellcharger
Radio Radio radio
Wall Locker Wall Locker smalllocker
Bar Table Bar Table bartable
Basic Double Bed Basic Double Bed bed1
Bench Bench bench
Coffee Vending Machine Coffee Vending Machine coffeevendingmachine
Command Chair Command Chair starshipchair3
Counter Counter labcounter
Desk Desk starshipdesk
Nuclear Waste Disposal Nuclear Waste Disposal labtrashcan
Office Chair Office Chair starshipchair2
Picture Frame Picture Frame pictureframe
Quilted Double Bed Quilted Double Bed bed2
Sign Sign sign
Single Bed Single Bed narrowbed
Single Wall Shelf Single Wall Shelf singlewallshelf
Swivel Chair Swivel Chair starshipchair
Trash Can Trash Can trashcans
Vending Machine Vending Machine vendingmachine
Wall Planter Wall Planter baseplanter
Wall Shelves Wall Shelves wallshelves
Cyclops Cyclops cyclops
Prawn Suit Prawn Suit exosuit
Seamoth Seamoth seamoth